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Jamie Jocund is a Professional Hair and Makeup Artist based in Nashville, TN. She has 18 years experience in bridal, print, fashion and film artistry.

Jamie's versatility and ability to adapt to any client's preferences sets her apart from other artists. Whether it's a natural and subtle look for a wedding or a bold and dramatic look for a fashion shoot, Jamie can bring any vision to life. Her skills extend beyond just makeup, as she is also a skilled hairstylist who can create any hairstyle that her clients desire. 

Jamie's expertise and experience in the industry have allowed her to work on various projects throughout her career. From working on countless weddings, set for films and TV shows to collaborating with high-profile fashion brands, Jamie has proven herself to be a reliable and talented artist. 

One of Jamie's greatest strengths is her ability to understand each client's vision and unique features and bring out their natural beauty. She has an artistic eye that allows her to see the potential in every person and enhance their best features. Whether it's highlighting the eyes, contouring the face, or creating a flawless complexion, Jamie knows exactly what techniques to use to create a stunning and personalized look. 

In addition to her skills in traditional makeup artistry, Jamie is also well-versed in the world of light special effects (SFX) and character artistry. This means that she can create more extreme and transformative looks for projects that require a different level of creativity and skill. 

No matter the project or the client's preferences, Jamie is dedicated to providing the highest level of service and creating a look that exceeds expectations. She is always up to date with the latest trends and techniques in the industry, ensuring that her clients receive a modern and stylish look. 

So whether you're in Nashville or anywhere else in the world, Jamie Jocund is the artist to trust with your hair and makeup needs. Her talent, experience, and dedication to her craft are unmatched, making her the perfect choice for any project or occasion.


Jamie's commitment to using high-quality beauty products tailored to each client's unique needs sets her apart from other artists. She understands that one product line may not work for everyone, and she carefully selects products from various reputable brands to ensure the best results. Additionally, Jamie offers certified airbrush makeup upon request, a technique known for its long-lasting and flawless finish.

In addition to her skills as a makeup artist, Jamie is also an accomplished educator. She has taught at multiple cosmetology, makeup schools and companies, certifying aspiring makeup artists in various areas, including print, film, fashion, bridal, and airbrush artistry. Her experience as an educator speaks to her expertise and knowledge in the field.

Maintaining attention to detail and following proper on-set etiquette are priorities for Jamie. She understands the importance of continuity and ensuring that every client or project receives the highest level of professionalism. Her reliability and dedication make her a trusted artist to work with.

Witnessing Jamie's infectious energy and witnessing her passion as she works would convince even the biggest skeptic of her talent and value. Her commitment to her craft and ability to bring out the best in her clients make her an invaluable asset to any project.

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“Thank you just wouldn't be enough. You made me look so beautiful as I felt and totally nailed what I was dreaming of! Also, in this experience I gained a friend and I am so thankful for you as a person and how talented you are. My bridal party loves you and thanks you from the bottom of their hearts too.”


"Thank you so much for my wedding hair and makeup, for myself and my 7 other party members! My makeup was seriously flawless all night long, I was AMAZED! I loved my hair too! My maid of honor has been raving about her look for awhile now and is excited for you to do her hair and makeup for her big day! Thank you for being so awesome".


“I wanted to say thank you again for coming up to the college to do hair and makeup for my daughter's wedding day. You are a true artist and professional. Beyond that you are one caring and wonderful person. I feel blessed to be able to call you a friend now. I can not wait until the next time you get to make us all feel great again!”


"I could not be more than happy with the hair and makeup services for my wedding party. I had ten wedding party members and the Jocund team did a amazing job. I was so pleased with my bridal look and I felt the most beautiful I have ever felt ever. I can not wait for my friends wedding so I can be glamed again by Jocund."

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